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For most branches in the country, the week that just passed represented the beginning of the first official competition of the new pigeon season, where several tens of thousands of pigeons competed for the first place in the class. In the same situation was the Alba Branch which organized the first contest (Plan
Last weekend, within the Neamt Association, the first stage of the 2023 season took place, starting from the town of Darabani, where most of the breeders had a distance of approximately 140 km. In this competition, 5773 pigeons of the 118 breeders arranged in the 4 clubs of the association were hired. The weathe
Whether it's the speed category or the marathon, Petrache Florin is the pigeon fancier good at everything, demonstrating countless times his vast ability to tackle all distance categories at the highest level. The numerous appearances on the front page in provincial, national or international competitions have made him one of the most consistent bre
Last weekend for the Dutch championship Zona Afd. 7 Noord represented the organization of the second contest with launch from the town of Duffel. For the Comb. G&H Calis, the race was a real success, managing to occupy the first 3 positions of the general category
For lovers of OLR competitions, the Pyramids pigeon loft is truly a challenge where only the strongest pigeons are able to reach the final race. Columbodrome is located in the northern part of Egypt in an area with a strong historical charge, and is characterized as one of the toughest in the whole world. &nbs
Last weekend, the second race of the new pigeon season in Belgium took place, where several thousand pigeons gathered in Aaras in the ranking of mature + young pigeons. In each speed competition, the eyes of the pigeon fanciers are fixed on the rankings of their own club, which have become real challenges, both from a competitive and financial point of view. In the few decades
Ever since the first edition, the Word Best Pigeons category has been successful for Romanian breeders who managed to score the first places in the ranking and above all to demonstrate the qualities of Romanian pigeons on an international level. After the podium was "tricolor" in the Marathon and Super Marathon categories, it was the turn of the long distance category to be occupied by
If until the past years the participation of Romanians in an international competition was only a dream, today the dream has come to life and the race from Berlin reached its 13th edition and will gather only a little less than 8 participating countries. The story of this race was written 13 years ago by none othe
After the presentation of the first two positions in the World Best Pigeons competition in the Super Marathon category, it was the turn of the occupant of the 3rd place so that the podium would belong entirely to Romania. It should be noted that all 3 positions of the podium were o
Comb. Den Haan, a real life story about love, family, and last but not least pigeons that write history all over the world. The story of the tandem formed by husband Jan and wife Karen began several decades ago, Jan a great lover of pigeons and his wife who joined him forming a fabulous tandem with spectacular results and references. &nbs

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