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Romania: top 3 national Olympic category B

 The next Olympic category according to competition distances is category B, corresponding to the Demifond Palmares category from the national championship of Romania.

The Culda family, this time in first place

 If in the Olympic category A, the Culda Family, from Salaj, took second place, in the B category (Middle dinstance), they open the national top, placing themselves on the first place of the podium. The result was obtained by cock RO-21-0016774, penalized with 19.95 points. His rise began in his first year of flight as a yearling, when he took the 7th national place in the Yearlings Middle Distance category.  Last season, in 2023, the evolution of this cock simply exploded. At almost every stage he managed to rank in one of the first three places, thus becoming Olympic champion, but also a double national awardee, being national champion in the Middle Distance category and national vice-champion in the two years Middle Distance category.

The second place is occupied by Nicolae Procop

 Nicolae Procop is a member of the Constanța Branch, the county from which the next two Olympic pigeons of the category we are presenting today come from. He ranks second in the national Olympic top, with female RO-21-0004581. The coefficient obtained by his Olympic female in the 8 centralized stages for the norm is 25.60 penalty points, and one of her best results of the racing season was the place out of 6,142 pigeons, obtained at the distance of 337 km.


Lucian Bercea ranks third

 The third Olympic pigeon in the B category (Middle Distance) is also a male, belonging to pigeon fancier Lucian Bercea from Constanța Branch. It has the series RO-21-0441449 and achieved third place in the Olympic leaderboard with a score of 34.96 penalty points. At the same time, Lucian Bercea's male is also national vice-champion at two years Middle Distance last season. Among the three Olympic pigeons in the category, he has the most classified kilometers, 3091, and among the places obtained on the stages, it is worth noting the 1st place out of 812 pigeons (401 km) and the 1st place out of 394 pigeons (380 km).



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