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Daniel Pîslă stands out prominently as the most notable figure in the pigeon racing world from Resița, boasting the longest streak of national podium appearances in Romania. He has masterfully dominated this scene for 10 consecutive years. His remarkable performance
End Date 04 Mar 2024 ora 20
Desbuquois Didier and Michel are synonymous with the Barcelona race, for which the two brothers have developed a passion for over 20 years. In practice, during a season, they focus exclusively on the Barcelona race and, before that, on the
End Date 06 Mar 2024 ora 20
Gabriel Catrinescu, a breeder with a truly sensational pigeon colony! We proudly present an impressive collection of pigeons originating from renowned breeders such as Batemburg vd. Merwe, Jelle Jellema, Gaby Vandenabeele, Arie Dijkstra, Koopman, Dirck v.d. Bulk, Patrick Boerek, J. Hooymans,
End Date 07 Mar 2024 ora 20
End Date 07 Mar 2024 ora 20
Pigeon fancier Marius Sălășan resides and competes in the town of Lipova, Arad County. He has been a member of the Arad Association since 2016 when he made his debut in the season with young pigeons. Despite not having extensive
End Date 08 Mar 2024 ora 20
It is said that each person is born with a talent, and if they discover it, they will excel in that field. This is also the case for Bogdan Ciobanu, who was born in a household full of pigeons. Since
End Date 08 Mar 2024 ora 20
The Radu Brothers (Team BRO) from Cugir, Alba County, are two passionate pigeon fanciers who excel in competitions spanning 100-500 km distances, achieving remarkable results in recent years at the county, provincial, and national levels. As specialists in young bird

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 The Olympic category H is dedicated exclusively to mature pigeons and is achieved by ranking six races over 300 km. It is also mandatory that the cumulative distance of the six centralized races exceed a total of 1,800 km.  After the 2023 season, the Romanian pigeon fanciers who occupy the first three national places in this category are Nicolae Procop, Maria Enache and Marian Iancu. Nicolae Procop,
 Not only the youngsters, but also the yearlings benefit from a special Olympic category. This is the G category and is achieved by ranking 5 stages over 100 km. From Romania, at this year's Pigeon Olympiad, 2024, the pigeons of Faur Doru Gabriel, Coman Raul and Enache Iosif participated in the G category. Faur Doru Gabriel owns one of the best racing pigeons in Romania in
 The Olympic category dedicated to youngsters competitions is the F category. Although the young competitors only have a few months to live, the requirements for this category are very high. The norm is achieved by ranking three stages of over 100 km, but the difficulty does not necessarily result from the number of competitions required, but especially from the competition at the national level. Thus,
 Category E is the Olympic category dedicated to long-distance competition enthusiasts. For this category, the pigeons must place four races with a distance of more than 700 km, during two consecutive seasons.  In the 2023 season, the three places on the national Olympic podium of the E-Marathon category are occupied, perhaps not surprisingly, by three pigeon fanciers from the province of Moldova. Even though for two

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Grower: Emiel Denys
Offered By: Nicusor Alexandru
Price: 400 EURO
Grower: Ionita Alin Eugen
Offered By: Lorint Florin
Price: 750 EURO
Grower: Ad Fortuin
Offered By: Nicola Daniel
Price: 800 EURO
Grower: J. C. Polder
Offered By: Bolovaneanu Marius
Price: 500 EURO
Grower: Wim Muller
Offered By: Bolovaneanu Marius
Price: 750 EURO
Grower: Nouwen Paesen
Offered By: Voiajor.net
Price: 600 EURO

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