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Romania: Top 3 olympics C-Long distance category

 As is very well known, for the Olympic norm in the C-Fund category, six races of over 500 km, ranked within two years, totaling a minimum of 3,300 km are required. Based on these criteria, following the 2023 season with mature pigeons, Găitan Narcis and Beni, Constantin Radu and Cristinel Chelaru became the new Romanian Olympic champions in this category.

Găitan Narcis and Beni, 1st Olympic C-Long distance place

 Narcis and Beni Găitan are from Suceava and in the 2023 season they achieved the great feat of occupying first place in the national ranking of Olympic pigeons in the C-Long distance category. The result "to put in the frame" of the two is due to the cock RO-2020-0100140, who managed a series of impressive rankings in long-distance competitions. We must specify that all the races ranked by this cock and centralized for the Olympic norm had a distance of more than 600 km, races in which the Olympian from the two Sucevans occupied places such as 1/807 pigeons (607 km), 1/438 pigeons (633 km), 2/786 pigeons (606 km) or 6/9,188 pigeons (607 km). With such an evolution he obtained a coefficient of 19.98 penalty points. Thus, it occupies the first place in the national Olympic ranking, but also the 3rd national place in the two years Long distance category.


Constantin Radu from Bucharest takes the second place

 The second place on the category podium goes to Constantin Radu from Bucharest, result obtained with the cock RO-2019-2000579. Among the three Olympians of the season, Constantin Radu's male has the most classified km, participating only in stages of 649 and 645 km, and the coefficient obtained is 22.70 penalty points. One of the best rankings was obtained at a competition in which 10,850 pigeons participated, at which stage the Bucharest champion Constantin Radu obtained first place. At the same time, placing second nationally in the Olympic classification of the C-Fund category is not his only performance. Constantin Radu's male is national champion in 2023 in the two years Long distance  category and national vice-champion in the Long distance category.


Also a cock and in third place

 And on the third position of the podium we find another cock, this time belonging to Cristinel Chelaru, from Vrancea. It has the series RO-2020-2003793 and obtained a penalty score of 40.15 points. Among his very good races we can mention the 1st place out of 1,055 pigeons, at the distance of 639 km, or the 4th place out of 1,435 pigeons, at the distance of 560 km.



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