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In the 2024 season, pigeon fanciers from the Bucharest Branch compete on three competition plans, all in the North direction, towards Poland. On plan 1, pigeon fanciers from the "Triumf" and "Rândunica" clubs compete approximately 70 breeders. The first stage of the 2024 season, on plan 1, took place on May 5, with the pigeons being released from the town of Focșani, Vrancea county. The
At the end of last week, the counties of Suceava and Botoșani organized the race where the largest number of pigeons in the history of our country so far was engaged. This race was Jarolaw 1 (Poland), with no less than 38,840 pigeons entered, 894 participating fanciers. With these figures, any of the participating breeders saw themselves at least for a moment in the first place of
The 2024 competition season also got off to an intense start in the Gorj Branch, where the first three speed stages have already been contested. At the same time, the competitions in this county are taking place on a new flight route for some pigeon fanciers, and this change, like the change in title, seems to have been auspicious for the Dragotă Family Loft. &
At the start of the 2024 season, the pigeon fancier branch of Argeș county had one of the largest numbers of basked pigeons. More precisely, we are talking about 20,038 pigeons, a real record and a competition that every fancier wants to win. Cristi Constantin is a very well-known pigeon fancier from Argeș county, with some of the best results, being several times national and even
Ace Marathon is perhaps the most spectacular of the categories dedicated to distance pigeons. Until recently, the National Championship provided for only three marathon races, with a distance greater than 700 km. As the As Marathon category requires the ranking of three races, the pigeons that managed to make this category were those who did not miss a single race. Things have remained the same
As is well known, in Romania, the Marathon category is by far the most contested. Entire provinces, such as Moldova, focus only on this category, and the results of Romanian pigeon fanciers in this category are getting better and better, including at the international level. Things were the same in the 2023 season, when Romanian breeders intensely contested the trophies up for grabs in this
Considering the number of races from which the norm is achieved and the type of stages required, the Ace Old Birds category can be considered as a difficult one, but not necessarily the most difficult of the National Championship. However, considering the number of norms achieved in the 2023 season in the Ace Old Birds category, but also the fact that no norm was achieved
With the latest changes to the National Columbophile Regulations, the All Round category has increased in difficulty. According to the current rules, 8 contests are required to fulfill it, i.e. two more than before. These contests must be of several distance categories. Thus, 2-4 races between 100 and 300 km, 2-4 races between 300 and 500 km and 2-4 races over 475 km are required. However, 15
The Ace Long distance category is, without any doubt, one of the most difficult categories of the National Championship. The pigeons engaged in the competition for this norm do not have the "right" to any misses, this is because any flight plan contains only five long-distance races, and As Long distance category involves their ranking, made up of five races with a distance of more
In the 2023 season, no less than 2,270 norms were achieved in the Long distance category, a category which, as is well known, is achieved by ranking three competitions with a distance of over 500 km. Among them, the best pigeons in this category belong, in order of places in the national ranking, to pigeon fans George Vochin, Radu Constantin and Eugen Silivestru. George Vochin wins a
After in the previous material we presented the situation in the Youngsters Long distance category, this time we move on and, as surprising as it may sound, we present you how things were in the case of the Youngsters Marathon category. In the 2023 season, pigeon fanciers from several counties of the country have decided to hire their young flyers, including at the marathon races, competitions
It's already been a few good seasons since categories like Youngsters Long distance or Youngsters Extrem Long distance are no longer just a difficult dream to achieve. Youngsters competition has gained considerable momentum in Romania, so that more and more pigeon fanciers are organizing, in addition to the classic Speed ​​and Middle Distance stages, flight plans in which Long Distance or Marathon stages appear, and

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