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Category I is the Olympic category that is equivalent to the standard for the Long distance category (one year). Therefore, this is achieved by ranking three races of over 500 km, even marathon competitions can be centralized. It is also the case of the first two pigeons in the national top of this category from the 2023 season, whose races with which they achieved this
The Olympic category H is dedicated exclusively to mature pigeons and is achieved by ranking six races over 300 km. It is also mandatory that the cumulative distance of the six centralized races exceed a total of 1,800 km. After the 2023 season, the Romanian pigeon fanciers who occupy the first three national places in this category are Nicolae Procop, Maria Enache and Marian Iancu. Nicolae Procop,
Not only the youngsters, but also the yearlings benefit from a special Olympic category. This is the G category and is achieved by ranking 5 stages over 100 km. From Romania, at this year's Pigeon Olympiad, 2024, the pigeons of Faur Doru Gabriel, Coman Raul and Enache Iosif participated in the G category. Faur Doru Gabriel owns one of the best racing pigeons in Romania in
The Olympic category dedicated to youngsters competitions is the F category. Although the young competitors only have a few months to live, the requirements for this category are very high. The norm is achieved by ranking three stages of over 100 km, but the difficulty does not necessarily result from the number of competitions required, but especially from the competition at the national level. Thus,
Category E is the Olympic category dedicated to long-distance competition enthusiasts. For this category, the pigeons must place four races with a distance of more than 700 km, during two consecutive seasons. In the 2023 season, the three places on the national Olympic podium of the E-Marathon category are occupied, perhaps not surprisingly, by three pigeon fanciers from the province of Moldova. Even though for two
In order to fulfill the norm of the D-All Round olympic category, the pigeons must show a lot of quality. Of course, quality is the common feature of all pigeons that perform, but in the case of the All Round category, due to the fact that the norm involves ranking stages from three distance categories, the pigeons must have "something extra" compared to the rest
As is very well known, for the Olympic norm in the C-Fund category, six races of over 500 km, ranked within two years, totaling a minimum of 3,300 km are required. Based on these criteria, following the 2023 season with mature pigeons, Găitan Narcis and Beni, Constantin Radu and Cristinel Chelaru became the new Romanian Olympic champions in this category. Găitan Narcis and Beni, 1st
The next Olympic category according to competition distances is category B, corresponding to the Demifond Palmares category from the national championship of Romania. The Culda family, this time in first place If in the Olympic category A, the Culda Family, from Salaj, took second place, in the B category (Middle dinstance), they open the national top, placing themselves on the first place of the podium. The result
Considering the criteria on the basis of which the Olympic rules are made, we can say about the batch of Olympic pigeons that crystallizes after each season, that they represent the "foam" of the national competition. We also know very well that these super-flyers and the breeders they belong to, also benefit from a separate classification, being awarded separately from the national championship, precisely to
Source: http://www.schaerlaeckens.com/articles/articles-english/2021/my-twelve-commandments-01-10-21/ When some colleagues make a report on a champion, they sometimes have them list a dozen things that the champion considers vital to his success. Because of my experience, contacts and decades of excellent results, I’m not afraid to pass on some recommendations. As far as those top results are concerned, last year we were n

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