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The Kipp family, from Althornbach, Germany, is an extremely well-known name internationally. Although they were established 25 years ago, when we hear about the Kipp Family and their pigeons, the thought takes us to one of the "monuments" of pigeon fandom, thus making them comparable to the founders of the famous lines of the 20th century. But, it's not quite like that. Kipp and Sons
Radu Prigoreanu is from Deleni, Iași county, and works as a pigeon fancier member of the Iași Branch. He is only passionate about marathon, especially extreme marathon, and has already collected a lot of national trophies. He managed to add several national champion, vice-champion and national top 3 titles to his record, and last year he took 1st place in the World Best Pigeon championship,
At the national level, Liviu Plavițu is a more than well-known name. Multiple national and Olympic champion, the pigeon fancier from Mehedinti is one of the most ambitious pigeon breeders in Romania, always eager for performance and to become better and better. At the same time, during the 15 years of pigeon fancier activity, Liviu Plăvițu became a real specialist in flights with youngsters, being
Alexandru Cazacu is one of the pigeon fanciers from our country who does not need too many details to be described. He is very well known both for his results, which are not few, but especially for the fact that he owns one of the strongest and most complete lotf of breeders from us in the country. His breeding loft consists pigeons with the best
Even with great problems regarding the flight route, the province of Oltenia managed to recover the lost ground quite quickly and, in the year 2023, the pigeon fanciers of this region again managed to make several top national results. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is the one made by Mihai Ispas, from Olt, national champion in the As Extrem Long Distance and
Cristinel Chelaru is among the few pigeon fanciers in Romania focused only on one flight category. In his case we are talking about Long distance, a category in which Cristinel Chelaru quickly became one of the best pigeon fanciers in the country. Thus, only in the 2023 season, his record was enriched with three more national trophies. Crist
Without a doubt, especially after the 2023 season, Liviu Perijoc from Suceava has fully earned his place among Romania's best marathoners. Only this year, in addition to the many results from previous years, he managed to become a double national champion, Olympic champion in category I, but also to win the Birzai National race. Liviu Perijoc is from Suceava and has not competed in the extrem
Viorel Slăniceanu is a very young pigeon fancier from Arad county, but this did not prevent him from already having a rich track record. He started competing in 2007, despite his current age of only 29 years, and the first notable results appeared in 2021. This was the season in which he decided to compete very seriously, according to current methods, and his pigeons they
The brothers Ionel and Lucian Aparaschivei are what we could call a classic example of pigeon breeders only passionate about the marathon, following the model of the very well-known and old pigeon fanciers from Holland or Belgium. Since they started in this sport until now, that is exactly three decades, they have not been interested in another category, and their pigeons have not disappointed them,

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