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Mihai Ungureanu has been a pigeon fancier "with proper documents" for over 15 years. He is from Valea Călugărească, Prahova county, and for four seasons he decided to compete only for long distance and marathon. The change was auspicious, Mihai Ungureanu reaching the highest peaks of performance quite quickly. Like all Prahovenians, Mihai Ungureanu competed for a long time in the Speed ​​and Middle Distance categorie
"Bizu and Bizu Jr." is one of the most famous tandems in the province of Moldova. The team consists of Mihai Bizubac and his son Ștefan-Mihai, from Zamostea, Suceava county. Together, the two have a consistent track record, with more than 300 trophies county, provincial and even national trophies won in almost all flying categories. Mihai Bizubac started competing in 2007. Two years later, the first
Being a noble passion, pigeon racing is for the overwhelming majority of fanciers a sport that addresses, first of all, the soul. This is the reason why Romanian pigeon fanciers have proven countless times that they can overcome pride and ambitions, supporting countless charitable actions, either donating pigeons or buying the specimens offered for a noble purpose. R
Bogdan Munteanu lives in Cătămărești-Deal, Botosani county, and made his debut in the racing pigeon sport in 2012. He competes for the categories with marathon stages and, based on a simple but faithfully implemented system, he managed to become a important pigeon fancier in his county and to accumulate a nice records. In the
Laurentiu Blendea is a young pigeon fancier from Drobeta Turnu-Severin, established for several years in the "homeland of the marathon". This is where he began to compete and the top results started to appear quite quickly, so that his name is more and more mentioned in the Dutch pigeon fancier environment when it comes to the marathon stages.
Chris Paauwe is a Dutch pigeon fancier from Kruiningen, Zeeland province, specializing in morning marathon races (ZLU). Until 2004, Chris competed alongside his father, after which he built his own kennel, from which he still competes today. From the new location, Chris set off with a batch of 12 youngsters from Hans Eijerkamp & Sons – Zutphen, from the 'Black Giant', 'Drogba', 'Salinero' and 'Daxter' line.
The remarkable results are why almost all pigeon fanciers compete. The desire to perform has made many look for the best pigeons to bring to their lofts, hoping that their products will take them to the podium as quickly as possible. Thus, a very beautiful side of pigeon fanciness, namely pigeon breeding, has almost completely disappeared from the list of concerns of Romanian pigeon
Recognized for many years for the extraordinary results of the Marathon, the province of Moldova is "recovering" lately also in the categories with short stages. At least in the last three competitive years, more and more breeders from this region are starting to access the national podium of the considered one-day categories more and more often. One such example, very conclusive by the way, is the
Mădălin Digulescu, from Petroșani, Hunedoara county, Romania, is a pigeon fancier in the truest sense of the word. Although he lives in an impossible area to compete, in the Jiului Valley, where the relief is dominated from all directions by the Carpathian Mountains, Mădălin has not given up his passion for pigeons. Thus, he managed to find a perfect solution to compensate for the

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