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Boonen Brothers, Wil and Johan (Buggenum, NL) Conquer 1ST National Barcelona in the Netherlands in 2021 and 1st National Marseille in 2019! By: Calvin Gall (Marathon Masters) Euro-usaconnection.com / calvin.gall@mail.wlc.edu Barcelona is the race the world watches and the jewel of ever long distance fanciers’ eye. When asking most long distance fanciers the race they want to win it is the classic from Barcelona. 
Breeding base The base starts over here with the “Steketee” pigeons who took care of the first successes on the extreme long distance. Where the 2385603/1998 was the best racer with 6 x TOP 100 National. He became Ace bird in Ave Regina and in the Brabant Union but also took care of amazing off spring. In almost every single pigeon that race for the head

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