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Romania: olympians of D-All Round category 2023 season


 In order to fulfill the norm of the D-All Round olympic category, the pigeons must show a lot of quality. Of course, quality is the common feature of all pigeons that perform, but in the case of the All Round category, due to the fact that the norm involves ranking stages from three distance categories, the pigeons must have "something extra" compared to the rest of the champions. In short, they must qualify no less than 11 races over two consecutive seasons, of which between 3 and 5 races from 100 to 400 km, between 2 and 6 races from 300 to 600 km and between 1 and 3 races of over 500 km.

 Fulfilling these competitive requirements, the tandem Haidus B+Robas M, Magdalena Dragomir and Mihai Vasile, thanks to some super pigeons, became the olympians of the D-All Round category in the 2023 season.

Haidu B+Robas M, 1st place in the national Olympic ranking in the D-All Round category

 The national ranking is opened by the cock with the series RO-2021-0147784, who belongs to the tandem Haidus B+Robas M, from the Satu-Mare. In the 11 races he ranked to be centralized in this category, the tandem champion accumulated 47.31 penalty points. Among his best rankings we find two 1st places, against 1,244 pigeons (405 km), respectively against 384 pigeons (591 km). The rest of the rankings are in the top 10 per race, with the exception of the 20th place out of 4,163 pigeons, at the distance of 203 km.


Magdalena Dragomir on the second place

 Second place nationally was claimed by both a lady and a female. The female presence on the category podium is due to Mrs. Magdalena Dragomir, from Prahova, and her female with series RO-2021-0924837. The score obtained by it was 55.89 penalty points, being, at the same time, the pigeon with the most ranked km,  4,076. One of his best race was a 340 km race where Magdalena's female Dragomir won first place out of a field of 3,577 pigeons.

Mihai Vasile closes the top

 The top of the olympians of the D-All Round category is completed by Mihai Vasile, a member of the Buzău. Its performer is the cock with the series RO-2021-0504071, who accumulated a coefficient of 57.64 penalty points after the 11 races. Most of the rankings of this cock were centralized from the general rankings of the races, where we find including a 1st place out of 6,221 pigeons, at the distance of 305 km.




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