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Romania: The olympians of the G category, 2023 season

 Not only the youngsters, but also the yearlings benefit from a special Olympic category. This is the G category and is achieved by ranking 5 stages over 100 km. From Romania, at this year's Pigeon Olympiad, 2024, the pigeons of Faur Doru Gabriel, Coman Raul and Enache Iosif participated in the G category.

Faur Doru Gabriel owns one of the best racing pigeons in Romania in the 2023 season

 Faur Doru Gabriel is a member of the Arad Branch and in the 2023 season achieved some dream national results. The yearling female RO-2022-3000051 competed so well in the short stages that at the end of the season she became a triple national champion. This awarded her the first national places in the Speed ​​and Ace Speed ​​categories, but also the first place in the national ranking of the Olympic category G. The coefficient with which she obtained this participation in the Olympics was only 7.10 penalty points.


Coman Raul "catch" the second place

 The super-flyer of Faur Doru Gabriel is followed in the national ranking of the Olympic G category by another female, this time its owner being Raul Coman, pigeon fancier from Alba county. His Olympian has the series RO-2022-1195044 and achieved this performance after accumulating only 8.47 penalty points in the 5 centralized stages for category G. It is worth noting in the competitive evolution of this female that in 4 of the 5 nominated stages he ranked on the podium, even having a 1st place against 1,642 pigeons, at the distance of 245 km. With an identical score, Raul Coman's female also ranks 2nd national Youth Speed.


Still a female and in third place

 Category G, in the 2023 season, was the category of females, this after the third place at national level was also occupied by a female. It was competed by pigeon fancier Enache Iosif, from Ilfov. She has the series RO-2022-0005074 and achieved this top result with a coefficient of 9.34 penalty points. He competed extremely well especially in the over 300 km stages, where he also achieved two first places, against 2,368 pigeons and 1,257 pigeons, both over 368 km stages. Incidentally, the same female is also national vice-champion in the Midlle Distance and As Midlle Distance.



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