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F-Youngsters category, 2023 season

 The Olympic category dedicated to youngsters competitions is the F category. Although the young competitors only have a few months to live, the requirements for this category are very high. The norm is achieved by ranking three stages of over 100 km, but the difficulty does not necessarily result from the number of competitions required, but especially from the competition at the national level. Thus, each time the scores are very low and often achieved with 1st place rankings in the stages or at least on the podium. Also, most Olympians of this category are competed on special systems for youngsters competitions.

The Telescu family, from Gorj, the champions of the category

 The Gorj pigeon fancier branch cannot boast of many top national results, but in the 2023 season, the Telescu Family achieved one of the best results in the history of the branch. In the category we present to you today, the Telescu Family won 1st place at the national level, representing our country at the Pigeon Olympics on the highest step of the podium. The Olympian has the series RO-2023-0267006 and was penalized with only 1.49 points. As expected, in all three centralized stages, the young olympian of the Telescu Family obtained the first place in the launch: 1/ 2,243 pigeons (170 km), 1/2,084 pigeons (233 km), 1/1,796 pigeons (276 km).

Stănescu+Dobre team on the second place

 Also with three places 1 achieved the Olympic norm of category F and the youngster with the series RO-2023-229251, competed by the team Stănescu+Dobre, from Bucharest, which occupies the second place in the national top 3. The coefficient difference resulted, of course, from the smaller number of pigeons he competed against: 1/1,977 pigeons (171 km), 1/1,854 (226 km), 1/1,575 (226 km).


Răzvan Iostin completes the podium

 As in the case of the Stănescu+Dobre team, Răzvan Iostin competes in one of the strongest branches in the country, being from Prahova, a county known for the large number of pigeons and pigeon fanciers who compete here. His olympian got 2.37 penalty points, after taking the following places: 1/2,714 pigeons (244 km), 2/6,915 pigeons (213 km) and 8/6,834 pigeons (244 km).



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