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Romania: E-Marathon category olympians, 2023 season

 Category E is the Olympic category dedicated to long-distance competition enthusiasts. For this category, the pigeons must place four races with a distance of more than 700 km, during two consecutive seasons.

 In the 2023 season, the three places on the national Olympic podium of the E-Marathon category are occupied, perhaps not surprisingly, by three pigeon fanciers from the province of Moldova. Even though for two seasons, the Galati Branch, the one from which the 2nd and 3rd place holders come, is part of the so-called Southeast province, geographically all three Olympians come from the same region.

The Bodor family, a new national top scorer and Olympic champions

 The loft "Familia Bodor", from Iasi, managed by Sebastian Bodor, has also "delivered" top national pigeons in the past, but in the 2023 season it surpassed itself. Apart from the very good results in the Romanian national championship in different marathon categories, the Bodor Family takes first place in the national Olympic championship in the E-Marathon category. Moreover, the Olympic female of the Bodor Family, with the series RO-2021-1014719, also takes first place in the 2023 Columbophile Olympics, which represents for our country one of the greatest columbophile performances in history. The coefficient with which he achieved these results was 4.11 penalty points. It should also be noted that 3 of the 4 centralized stages have a distance of more than 1000 km. For example, this super female achieved 1st place out of 4,090 pigeons at the distance of 1,032 km, 3rd place out of 7,068 pigeons at the distance of 1,036 km and 10th place out of 4,451 pigeons at the distance of 1,037 km. And the fourth ranking is a very good one, namely the 2nd place out of 1,672 pigeons at a distance of 916 km. 


Adrian Plestiu is the vice-champion

 The Bodor family is followed by Adrian Plestiu in the national Olympic top, pigeon fancier from the Galati Branch. He owns the only male on the podium, who has the series RO-2020-0851758 and was penalized with 6.95 penalty points. In total, the category runner-up covered 4,055 km, however, it should be highlighted that all 4 centralized races for achieving the norm are over 1,000 km, respectively 1,061, 1,009, 1,016 and 1,013 km. As for the places obtained at these stages, it goes without saying that they are very good, among the first, but our attention is particularly held by the 2nd place out of 4,451 pigeons (1,061 km) and the 3rd place out of 6,358 pigeons (1,009 km).


Team Cobzaru & Căploiu is on 3rd place

 The national podium is completed by the tandem Cobzaru & Căploiu, from the same Galati Branch. Their Olympian is the female RO-2019-0960009, a pigeon with a very good performance including in the national championship of Romania. Among others, it ranks 2nd in the National Marathon Palmares. The coefficient with which he occupied the third place in the list of Olympians is 8.52 penalty points.




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