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Romania: Top 3 olympic A category from 2023 season

 Considering the criteria on the basis of which the Olympic rules are made, we can say about the batch of Olympic pigeons that crystallizes after each season, that they represent the "foam" of the national competition. We also know very well that these super-flyers and the breeders they belong to, also benefit from a separate classification, being awarded separately from the national championship, precisely to highlight, once more, their value.

 The first of the Olympic categories is the A-Viteza Palmares category, which is achieved by ranking 10 competitions with a distance between 100 and 400 km in the last two seasons. The champions of this category in 2023 season are Team Golden Loft, from Maramureș Branch, Culda Family, from Sălaj Branch, and Enache Maria, from Ialomița Branch.

Team Golden Loft opens the top

The first place in the category is occupied by Team Golden Loft, from Maramureș Branch, with male RO-21-0003369. He obtained a coefficient of 16 penalty points in the 10 centralized stages, and in 2022 season, as a yearling, he took the 5th national place in the Youth Speed ​​category.

The Culda family, in second place

 The next place on the podium is occupied by Culda Family, from Sălaj Branch, with the female RO-21-0016771, which obtained a coefficient of 20.74 penalty points. It is very important to mention that the same female is the national champion of Romania in Youth Speed ​​category in 2022 season, becoming by ranking second in the Olympic group of category A, one of the best pigeons of short stages in the country.

Maria Enache in third place

 The national top of the category is completed by Maria Enache, from Ialomița Branch. The winner is also a female, with series RO-20-0003865. This had a total coefficient of 21.80 penalty points.


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