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Mr. Bogdan Sorin from Târgu Jiu unquestionably stands out as a top breeder in the categories of long-distance and marathon racing. Over the past two years, he has undoubtedly become the number one investor in Romania when it comes to

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As is well known, in Romania, the Marathon category is by far the most contested. Entire provinces, such as Moldova, focus only on this category, and the results of Romanian pigeon fanciers in this category are getting better and better, including at the international level. Things were the same in the 2023 season, when Romanian breeders intensely contested the trophies up for grabs in this
Considering the number of races from which the norm is achieved and the type of stages required, the Ace Old Birds category can be considered as a difficult one, but not necessarily the most difficult of the National Championship. However, considering the number of norms achieved in the 2023 season in the Ace Old Birds category, but also the fact that no norm was achieved
With the latest changes to the National Columbophile Regulations, the All Round category has increased in difficulty. According to the current rules, 8 contests are required to fulfill it, i.e. two more than before. These contests must be of several distance categories. Thus, 2-4 races between 100 and 300 km, 2-4 races between 300 and 500 km and 2-4 races over 475 km are required. However, 15
The Ace Long distance category is, without any doubt, one of the most difficult categories of the National Championship. The pigeons engaged in the competition for this norm do not have the "right" to any misses, this is because any flight plan contains only five long-distance races, and As Long distance category involves their ranking, made up of five races with a distance of more

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Grower: Nicola Daniel
Offered By: Nicola Daniel
Price: 250 EURO
Grower: Emiel Denys
Offered By: Nicusor Alexandru
Price: 400 EURO
Grower: Ionita Alin Eugen
Offered By: Lorint Florin
Price: 750 EURO
Grower: Ad Fortuin
Offered By: Nicola Daniel
Price: 650 EURO
Grower: J. C. Polder
Offered By: Bolovaneanu Marius
Price: 500 EURO
Grower: Wim Muller
Offered By: Bolovaneanu Marius
Price: 750 EURO

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