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Tunduc Family : 1 International Vierzon


        Barcelona Winners Club represents without a doubt a real challenge of the Romanians towards a great dream, that of conquering the whole world by winning the International Race from Barcelona.

        If in the past something seemed impossible, today breeders in Romania can test their potential precisely from the breeding of the late Raymund Hermes, a breeding with a vast pigeon history and an unparalleled track record.



        Sorin Zamfir, the coordinator of this project together with Jean Cure-Francois laid the foundations of a collaboration and thus began to "pave" the way to the international races where the pigeons of the 16 teams from Romania compete side by side with the biggest ones in Europe.



        If at first the dream was a shy one, after the weekend that just passed, the courage made me forget the mistrust once the pigeon of the Tunduc Family managed to win the International race from Vierzon.

        It seems that neither the endurance pigeons of the Germans nor the fast pigeons of the French were as good as the male of the Tunduc Family who managed to impose himself in front of the 2316 participating pigeons. The winner had to cover a distance of 450 km and recorded a speed of 1094 m/min with a strong headwind along the entire flight path of the pigeons.