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Mihai Ungureanu, the pigeon fancier from Prahova focused only on performance


 Mihai Ungureanu has been a pigeon fancier "with proper documents" for over 15 years. He is from Valea Călugărească, Prahova county, and for four seasons he decided to compete only for long distance and marathon. The change was auspicious, Mihai Ungureanu reaching the highest peaks of performance quite quickly.

 Like all Prahovenians, Mihai Ungureanu competed for a long time in the Speed ​​and Middle Distance categories. Occasionally he also used a few pigeons in long distance races, but never with the specific aim of achieving any performance. But everything changed in 2019.

Long Distance Olympic. Multiple county prize winner

 If up to this moment, for Mihai Ungureanu there were no other categories apart from Speed ​​and Middle Distance, the 2020 season led him to make a major change. This year, and due to route changes, Mihai Ungureanu decided to give up the first two categories and, with a team of only 18 pigeons, tackle the Long distance category. His calculations turned out great. At the end of this season, he became the county champion (4th national and 3rd provincial) Long Distance, with 6.4 penalty points, he also took the 3rd county place in the same category, but also the 2nd county place in the As Long Distance Yearlings. But, certainly, the greatest performance of the season was taking 3rd place in the national Olympic Team in the Long Distance category.


Very good "signs" about the Marathon as well

 Enthusiastic about these results, Mihai Ungureanu has definitively taken the step towards the distance contests, approaching the Marathon category lately. The first results, more presence in the county top 20 in the Mature Marathon and As Extreme Marathon categories, are already the first indications that the road is the right one in this field as well.

 Regarding the number of pigeons owned, we can say about Mihai Ungureanu that he is a fairly moderate pigeon fancier. In the breeding loft he owns about 30 couples, while in the flight lot he keeps 50-60 pigeons. They compete in widowhood but intend, at least in the approach to the marathon, to try the natural as well. The pigeons he works with come, to a large extent, from pigeon fanciers such as Stănescu&Dobre, Cosmin Olteanu, Cătălin Ariciu, Cristi Grădinaru, Dan Răducanu, Vochin George or Florin Ispas.

 At this moment, on the website www.voiajor.net,  an auction is taking place in which 12 bred chicks are available from all the representative fliers and breeders of Mihai Ungureanu. Auction link:



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