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The national podium, the permanent target of the Slăniceanu&Bartoș team



 Viorel Slăniceanu is a very young pigeon fancier from Arad county, but this did not prevent him from already having a rich track record. He started competing in 2007, despite his current age of only 29 years, and the first notable results appeared in 2021. This was the season in which he decided to compete very seriously, according to current methods, and his pigeons they rewarded him in full. From the fall of 2022, he started a collaboration with Istvan Bartoș, a very well-known pigeon fancier from Covasna, with whom he already had his first pigeon fancier achievements.

 Although he had been competing for a long time, in 2021 Viorel Slăniceanu decided to make several major changes. First, he decided to compete only with cocks. Then, he realized that he needed to focus much more on what he had to do, and at the end of this innovative season, Viorel Slăniceanu managed to take the 4th National place in the G category and the 5th national Speed Yearlings ​​category. At the same time, his young male RO-20-1199902 took third place in the national Olympic team in the G category.

A team of 14 cocks widowers

 At least in our country, there are few pigeon fanciers who compete with small or very small team of pigeons. Viorel Slăniceanu did this in 2021, when he started the competition season with a team of only 14 male widowers. They were hired for the first two stages of the natural season, from the youngsters, and when they arrived from the second competition, they started the widow program. During the week, they were taken to three training sessions of 45 km each, finding their females only when Viorel Slăniceanu thought they needed extra motivation. Instead, widowers met their females after each stage. The food used by Viorel Slăniceanu during the season was produced by Animi`s, and the range of supplements was produced by Flanders Finest.


Compete with pigeons from established lines

 As expected, Viorel Slăniceanu used pigeons from already established lines, the path to success being thus considerably shorter. For example, his Olympic male is a Rudy van Reeth and Victor Budts pigeon, from Daniel Marta's breeding in Ineu, Arad. Apart from these, the pigeons in the current flight group of Viorel Slăniceanu have as origins the lines of famous pigeon fanciers, such as Dirk van den Bulck, Maurice Hasendonchx or Jan van de Pasch.

 Starting in the fall of 2022, Viorel Slăniceanu competes in tandem with Istvan Bartos, from Covasna, with whom he has already won the first trophies. Thus, at the end of the 2023 season with mature pigeons, the two take 3rd and 4th National Yearlings Speed, 3rd National Palmares Speed, but also 1st and 2nd provincial Speed Youngsters ​​2022, 3th provincial Speed Youngsters 2023 and 2th provincial As Speed Youngsters.

At the moment, an auction with 8 youngsters breed by Viorel Slăniceanu is available on web site www.voiajor.net 




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