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Only 6 pigeons with a norm at Ace Old Birds in the 2023 season

Considering the number of races from which the norm is achieved and the type of stages required, the Ace Old Birds category can be considered as a difficult one, but not necessarily the most difficult of the National Championship. However, considering the number of norms achieved in the 2023 season in the Ace Old Birds category, but also the fact that no norm was achieved in the Yearlings category, at least in the 2023 season, from this perspective, the Ace Old Birds was by far the category that caused big problems for Romanian fanciers.

The pigeons competing for the Ace Old Birds category must rank 10 races, specially nominated for this category. The number of km of the 10 races, in total, must be greater than 5000, and of the 10 contests, at least 3 must be of the Marathon (+700 km) or Extreme (+900 km) category and at least one stage of Speed ​​(+95 km).

Only 6 norms achieved

In the 2023 season, only 6 pigeons from our country managed to achieve this norm, this being the lowest number of norms achieved in the National Championship. The best score, 304.82 penalty points, was achieved by cock RO-2021-1127069, who belongs to the tandem Iacob & Gruia Loft, from Vaslui Branch. He is followed by the hen RO-2021-2001376, competed by the tandem Pop & Rusu, from the Arad Branch, and the cock RO-2019-0089032, competed by the Damian Family, from the Botoșani Branch. The other three pigeons belong, in order of places in the ranking, to pigeon fanciers Pricop Călin (Timiș), Tanasie & Carabas (Arad) and Familia Solovăstru (Suceava).


It should also be added that the pigeon in first place in this category is also awarded the "Carol I" trophy, being considered the Pigeon of the Year.



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