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Mihai Ispas, the national champion of the As Extrem Long Distance 2023 category


 Even with great problems regarding the flight route, the province of Oltenia managed to recover the lost ground quite quickly and, in the year 2023, the pigeon fanciers of this region again managed to make several top national results. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is the one made by Mihai Ispas, from Olt, national champion in the As Extrem Long Distance and winner of the Youth Quality-Performance-Endurance trophy.

 Mihai Ispas is an experienced pigeon fancier from Olt county, focused for many years only on the marathon races. He has carefully built a very strong breeding loft, in which there are many sons of national marathon champions, and this year he also achieved the most important result of his career. Everything was possible thanks to the young cock RO-22-0045030.

National champion in one of the heaviest categories

 In the 2023 season, the pigeon fanciers from Olt organized their marathon races in the direction of Poland, and until the first competition in this category (Wlodawa), the male RO-22-0045030 was a young cock like any other in Mihai Ispas' flight group. But, this first race of the marathon would highlight this male for the first time. With the competition distance of 829 km, the young male of Mihai Ispas arrived second in the loft, occupying the 45th place out of 8860 pigeons. He repeated the feat at Wlodawa National, where he was the first to arrive in the loft, ranking 52nd out of 3434 pigeons. At the third Wlodawa competition, he was also first in Ispas Mihăiță's loft, this time winning 1st place in the launch, against 1929 pigeons. Thus, he ended his rule at As Extrem Long Distance in the style of a great champion, but it seems that it was not enough for Mihai Ispas. He also engaged him in the Sokolka National extreme marathon stage (1034 km), but even this competition, although it came with a considerable jump in terms of the number of km, did not cause him too many problems. He arrived as well as he has so far and only the fact that he was announced eight minutes later than he should have meant that he was not the zonal 1st place, still ranking 3rd. With this class performance, Mihai Ispas cock became national champion in the As Extrem Long Distance category, with 15.22 penalty points, and winner of the Youth Quality-Performance-Endurance trophy.


Another myth busted

 Mihai Ispas competed on the nest in the 2023 season, and his young champion did not have a pair. Instead, he received a female each before leaving for the competition. He stayed with it for a day during the first three stages of the marathon, and 5 days before the National Sokolka, being boarded practically every time in the nest fight, very agitated, contrary to all recommendations. But, it seems that it was not an inconvenience at all, but on the contrary, a very good method of motivation.

 Last but not least, the courage of Mihai Ispas to hire the male also for the fourth race of the marathon, although he had already finished the norm and was still a candidate for the national podium. However, he wanted to be sure and this bet succeeded in full!

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