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Mihai Bizubac and his son Ștefan, Moldova's top competitors



 "Bizu and Bizu Jr." is one of the most famous tandems in the province of Moldova. The team consists of Mihai Bizubac and his son Ștefan-Mihai, from Zamostea, Suceava county. Together, the two have a consistent track record, with more than 300 trophies county, provincial and even national trophies won in almost all flying categories.

 Mihai Bizubac started competing in 2007. Two years later, the first trophies were won, and since then, the tandem of Bizu and Bizu jr. he was not absent from the county and provincial podium in any season. In recent years, even national trophies have appeared, among which we mention the 2nd place National Extreme Marathon Palmares 3 years 2023 and the 3rd place National Marathon Grand Prix Maturi 2021.



It competes equally well in all categories. Widow and natural

 The two pigeon fanciers compete for all distance categories. But even so, their team of pigeons is not a very large one. In the breeding compartment there are only 9 couples, while the flight group varies between 60 and 70 pigeons annually. The latter are divided into two teams, the All round pigeons and the Marathon pigeons, which are competed according to different methods. Thus, the team for the one-day stages is contested in widowhood. Their program is a relatively classic one, with a series of youngsters bred before the season. After these have grown, the fliers are separated for 5 days, put back together, eggs again and after another 5 days of hatching, they are widowed for the rest of the competitive year. However, Mihai Bizubac makes all these calculations so that his fliers are already widowed a week before the first competition.

 Instead, marathon pigeons are hired from the nest. In the first marathon they will leave on 10-day-old eggs, and in the second on 7-10-day-old youngsters. Of course, their position in the other marathon stages will vary depending on the conditions at the time. It should also be noted that the marathon pigeons are trained a maximum of twice at 50 km between competitions, while the All round team is not taken to training at all.


At breedind loft, he generally works with the pigeons he competes with

 As he himself confesses, Mihai Bizubac is not a follower of certain lines of pigeons. At the moment, the best breeder couple in his loft consists of a male who in 2015 was the vice-champion of the province in the National Ace category and winner of over 20 county and provincial trophies and a female, also county champion and provincial in the Speed ​​and All round categories. When bringing new pigeons to the breeding compartment, Mihai Bizubac only brings sons and daughters from champion pigeons, which he crosses with his breeders. His principle is "good for good", and so far he has not resorted to inbreeding.

 At the moment, on the website www.voiajor.net there is a top auction with 14 chicks bred by the tandem Bizu and Bizu jr. Auction link:



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