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Liviu Perijoc, the

 Without a doubt, especially after the 2023 season, Liviu Perijoc from Suceava has fully earned his place among Romania's best marathoners. Only this year, in addition to the many results from previous years, he managed to become a double national champion, Olympic champion in category I, but also to win the Birzai National race.

 Liviu Perijoc is from Suceava and has not competed in the extrem long distance races for a very long time. He started pigeon fancier activity with his brother in 2012, competing with him in one-day races until 2018. In these categories, especially in General, he managed to obtain several county, provincial and even two national trophies, but the "calling" of the marathon started to get stronger. Thus, he started to bring more marathon pigeons since 2017, and in 2019 he definitively took the step to the distance races.

Perijoc+Polon team

 Due to the fact that the distance to the breeding was considerable, in 2019 Liviu Perijoc decided to make a team with Marius Polon, his association colleague, and thus bring the pigeons very close to Suceava. The collaboration with Marius Polon was very fruitful, the two having very good results since the first year of competitions: 3rd National Marathon Yearlings, 9th National Ace Marathon Yearlings, 1st provincial Marathon Yearlings, 1st Moldova Star Marathon Championship. To these, of course, many more trophies of county and provincial champions are added.


2023, a dream season

 For two years, Liviu Perijoc competed in tandem with his colleague. He stepped down after the 2020 season because he was able to purchase a property on his own, on which, of course, he built an aviary. From here he competed in the 2021 season with the youngsters, his ascent being more and more accentuated every year. The first national trophy in the new location was won even with the youngsters from 2021, 3rd place National General Youngsters, to which, in 2022, two more were added: 2nd National Yearlings Quality-Endurance-Performance Trophy and 3rd National Ace Extreme Yearlings . But, the best results of Liviu Perijoc's entire career came in the competitive year 2023: double national champion in the Extreme Old Birds and Ace Extreme Old Birds categories, 1st place in the national Olympic team in category I and 1st place in the national ranking for the World Championship Best Pigeon, Super Marathon category.

New Star, one of the best marathon pigeons in Romania

 Liviu Perijoc's champion is New Star, a cock bred in 2021 from the crossing of two inbred lines. His father is a Freialdenhofen inbred cock, and his mother is reproduced from the crossing of the two best pigeons of Liviu Perijoc from 2019, the hen that took the 1st place in county As Marathon and the champion cock of Star Marathon Club Moldova, both grandsons from Liviu Perijoc's Vaernewick super-breeder. As Liviu Perijoc himself testifies, New Star had a dream form all season. At all three races of the extreme marathon he arrived first at the loft, his rankings being the following: 1st place out of 17,932 pigeons in the Birzai National race (979 km), 4th place out of 21,684 pigeons (976 km) and 61st place out of 19,403 pigeons (972 km ). After this performance, New Star became the national champion in the Extreme Old Birds category with 0.20 points and the national champion in Ace Extreme Old Birds with 2.32 points.


 It should also be noted that Liviu Perijoc competes in widowhood all season. The flight lot is mated on April 1, breeds a series of younsters, after which the pigeons are separated for the rest of the season. Training takes place daily, morning and evening, around the loft, and in the week before embarkation for the marathon, the pigeons are taken on two or three 40km training sessions.



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