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Dream debut for the Constantin + Radu + Stan team from Argeș

At the start of the 2024 season, the pigeon fancier branch of Argeș county had one of the largest numbers of basked pigeons. More precisely, we are talking about 20,038 pigeons, a real record and a competition that every fancier wants to win.

Cristi Constantin is a very well-known pigeon fancier from Argeș county, with some of the best results, being several times national and even Olympic champion, although he is still very young. Starting this year, 2024, Cristi Constantin started a new collaboration, together with his colleagues Iulian Stan and Cătălin Radu, and the debut was a perfect one from all points of view. The three authoritatively won the first race, both in pigeons and in the breeders ranking.

1st, 2nd and 3rd out of 20,038 pigeons

As I mentioned at the beginning, the first stage in Argeș county of the new season lined up at the start no less than 20,038 pigeons, a number that represents the participation record for the start of the season and one of the biggest competitions recorded for a speed race. The starting location chosen for this first competition was Balgarene, Bulgaria, with classic distances of 130-160 km. The pigeons were released at 08:22, and the happy winners of this super-race are the trio Constantin + Radu + Stan. Moreover, the three occupy the top three places on launch, having a start to the season in line with expectations. The first recorded was the hen RO-2022-0155496, at 10:04:30, which flew the 153 km of the stage with an average speed of 1496.37 m/min. She was followed by a difference of just one second by cock RO-2019-0680751 and another cock, serial RO-2021-0251255, registered two seconds later than the stage winner. And to make everything perfect, both the first arrival and the male registered second in the competition were also in the team, bringing the three young pigeon fans and the 1st place in the breeders, against 408 participants.

Beyond these, we remind you that the Constantin + Radu + Stan trio competes with a small lot, consisting of only 29 pigeons. They were widowed three weeks before the first stage and are fed mixtures produced by Vanrobaeys and Beyers.

Cristi Constantin

Cătălin Radu

Iulian Stan



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