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Cristinel Chelaru (Vrancea), a top Long distance fancier



        Cristinel Chelaru is among the few pigeon fanciers in Romania focused only on one flight category. In his case we are talking about Long distance, a category in which Cristinel Chelaru quickly became one of the best pigeon fanciers in the country. Thus, only in the 2023 season, his record was enriched with three more national trophies.

        Cristinel Chelaru is from Păunești, Vrancea caunty, and is only interested in the long distance races. He approaches these with the utmost seriousness, always aiming for the national podium, which he has already achieved many times. He is multiple national champion, participant in the European Cup, but also winner of several Gold Club awards. He started to compete in 2011, becoming in 2013 national champion in the Long distance category, titles won by the cock RO-2011-145315. The same cock took, at the 2014 European Cup, the 3rd place in the Lond distance category.