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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to Voiajor.net

What is Voiajor.net?

Voiajor.net is recognized nationally and globally as a broker of racing pigeons and most prominent pigeon news source in Romania.

Our current activities are:

  • online newspaper
  • exclusive online and offline brokerage of quality pigeons
  • organizing public auctions of quality pigeons

Voiajor.net was founded in 2016 as a hobby-project where information was collected about everything related to the pigeon sport. Later on voiajor.net became a term in the national and world wide pigeon sport.

Is Voiajor.net a trustworthy partner?

Yes, Voiajor.net is a trustworthy partner and recognized as such by our many customers around the world.

Our core values are:

  • transparency: we are transparent in all that we do. People are always welcome to visit our company and get a free guided tour and talk to our staff to better understand the process of how we work.
  • long-term relationships: we look to build long-term relationships and do not care about short-term profit. We get satisfaction from happy customers and from solving problems should any arise.
  • caring: we care about people, our buyers, suppliers, our staff, and all the other stakeholders that are connected to us.
  • trust: we only work with trustable breeders of pigeons and we only hire trustworthy people.

Why bid in Voiajor.net online auctions?

Registration & approval

Why do I need to register an account to bid?

You need to register a bidding account if you want to place a bid in one of our online auctions. After registration your account will first need to be approved by Voiajor.net’s staff before you can place bids. Only one account per person can be created.

If you just want to have a look at the online auctions without the need to bid, you don’t need to make an account.

How can I create an account and what are the next steps?

You can register here or contact usfor help.

Once you’re registered, a Voiajor.net staff member will contact you by phone to approve your account and assign you a limited budget that you will determine together. Once your account is approved you can start placing bids within your budget.

Why does my account have to be approved before I can place a bid?

In order to ensure that every bid you place is legitimate, you need permission to bid. You only need to ask us permission once to enable this.

We will call you personally to confirm your registration and ask you several questions as a background check to guarantee the honesty of your bids. It may take up to 48 hours before you receive permission to bid. In certain circumstances this may take longer due to holidays. Therefore we advise you to ask for permission well beforehand when wanting to bid on a certain pigeon. At any rate, we always contact new users to approve their bidding accounts before the end of every auction.

Upon approval we will also determine your bidding budget. This budget is the total amount in EUR you can spend per auction weekend. You can always check the height of your budget in your auction profile.

In some cases, for example if you are from a country we do not have much experience with,we may ask you for a deposit before approving your account.

In case you wish to bid on a pigeon immediately, you can contact us for help.

I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

You can requst a new password here.

Still having problems with your password? Please contact us.


How can I place a bid?

When logged into your bidding account you can place a bid by clicking on "Place a bid". You can submit your own bid and/or buying order and then click on "Place your bid".

As soon as you confirm your bid by clicking on "Confirm your bid", your bid will be saved.

You will be notified by email and/or SMS when you have been outbid. If you have not activated these notifications yet, you can change your settings to enable these on the Auction profilepage.

Bidding in the currency EURO starts st 20 EURO.

Bidding in the currency LEI starts at 100 LEI.


If you are still experiencing problems bidding by yourself, or if you prefer to bid by phone, please contact us.

How long does an auction last?

An online auction lasts in most of the times one week.

Can I handle the pigeons I'm bidding on?

Through an online auction you can’t handle the pigeon in real life before you’ve actually bought it. Through the use of high resolution photos, Voiajor.net Quality Control and in some cases videos, we give you the most accurate detailed description of the pigeon as possible.

In some cases it’s possible to come over and have a look/hold the pigeon. You can always contact us to ask if it’s possible.

What is a buying order (reserved price)?

By issuing a buying order you tell our auction system up to which maximum amount you want to bid for a certain pigeon. Should we receive a higher bid than your current bid, but it is lower or equal to your current buying order, our system will automatically bid higher than your competitor’s bid and the highest bid will be in your name once again.

A buying order is always given priority with regards to a popular bid. This means that a buying order of 1,000 EUR will win from a regular bid of the same amount of 1,000 EUR.

When there are equally high buying orders, the buyer who placed his buying order first will win the bid.

Your buying order is never visible to any other visitors/buyers. The buying order on our auction website is visible to you only.


  • If you are still experiencing issues, or if you prefer to place a buying order by phone, please contact us.
  • You can change or remove your buying order by clicking the "Change b.o."-button next to the pigeon.

Is the sex of the pigeon(s) as mentioned on the website guaranteed?

All the old birds have the sex mentioned in the pedigree.

For the young birds we cannot guarantee the sex.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Young birds that are not sold by the fancier who bred the pigeon.
  • These pigeons are not sold with a DNA certificate by default. Old birds have obviously had their sex determined earlier on.

When are auctions extended in time?

When a new bid is made for any given pigeon within the last 5 minutes of an auction closing time, the auctioning  closing time of that particular pigeon will be extended by another 5 minutes.

For example:

  • The auction was set to end at 20:00. A bid is made for a certain pigeon at 19:57.
  • The auctioning of that pigeon is automatically extended to 20:05, the auction for all other pigeons that did not receive a bid in the last 5 minutes will still end at 20:00.

How can I change my bidding name?

If you would like to change your nickname you can go to the "Auction profile"page.

TPlease bear in mind that you cannot bid with this bidding name until it has been accepted by the auction admin. In the meantime, you can continue bidding under your current bidding name.

Note that you cannot change your bidding name when you have placed a bid in ongoing auctions.

We can’t accept bidding names that are provocative or that have another person’s name in them. The word ‘Voiajor.net’ is also forbidden in a bidding name.


What is a bidding budget and how can I increase it?

Your bidding budget is the total amount in EUR you can spend simultaneously in all active auctions. You can always check the height of your budget in your auction profile.

If you want to increase your budget, please contact Voiajor.net or your sales agent.

Why do we work with an auction budget?

Firstly, we want to protect you, as a buyer, by letting you decide for yourself where your own limits are regarding bidding. Moreover, we, as sellers, want to avoid having pigeons not being paid because bidders bid above their limits.

How is the "available budget" calculated?

When you surf to your auction profile you will see the terms "total budget" & "available budget". The total budget is the budget that the auction manager has set for you.

Now, how is the available budget calculated?

Available budget = your total budget minus current highest bids, current buy orders & purchases from the last 3 days.



An example to clarify:

Jan has a total budget of 20,000 euros. Last weekend he bought a pigeon at an online auction on PIPA for 1,500 euros & currently he also has the highest bid (700 euros) in an auction that ends the upcoming weekend. Jan checks his available budget on Tuesday & sees that there is still 17,800 available budget (20,000-1,500-700 EUR).

When Jan decides on Thursday to check again how much available budget he has, he will see that the budget is 19,300 euros (the purchase of the past weekend has been processed & paid).

Alert & Comunication

How do I get a notification if I am outbid?

If you are outbid you may be notified by text message (SMS) and/or email. If you have not activated these notifications yet, you can change your settings to enable these on your auction profile.

Receiving notifications by SMS or email are free of charge, anywhere in the world.

Note: we can’t guarantee that messages will arrive because of reception or services. Please always check your profile to be sure you aren’t outbid.

Can I be notified when an auction I'm interested is starting?

Yes, for this you can use our ‘alerts’. When you go to the overview of planned auctions, you will see a bell at each planned auction. When you click on this bell, you will be notified when that auction starts.

Where can I change my mobile phone number?

You can change your mobile phone number on the "My auction profile"-page. You will have to revalidate your mobile phone number on our website by entering a code which we’ll send to your new mobile phone number.

My auctions

Where can I see and modify my account details?

Your account details are listed on your auction profile page.

Where can I see the bids I placed?

An overview of all your bids is found on the "My bids"-page in your Auction Profile and in the header of every page via "My favourites".

Be aware that these are only the bids you’ve placed in one of the currently ongoing auctions.

Where can I find an overview of my purchases on Voiajor.net?

When you click on ‘my account’, you will find the button ‘my purchases’. You will see an overview of all your purchases and you can also view and download the photo, DNA certificate (if available) and pedigree of the pigeon you’ve bought.

Can I have multiple billing addresses?

Yes, having multiple billing addresses is a possibility. For instance, you may want to have multiple billing addresses in case you buy pigeons both for private use and through your company (be aware: VAT may apply).

While bidding, you will be asked on what address the pigeon needs to be billed if you win the bid.

Every billing address will be checked and validated by our auction administrators.

Can I have multiple shipping addresses?

Yes, multiple delivery addresses are possible.

When placing a bid, you can select the delivery address the pigeon needs to be shipped to if you win the bid. Our logistics department will confirm this delivery address prior to shipping your pigeon(s).

Please bear in mind that when your billing address is outside of the EU and the delivery address is inside of the EU, VAT will be added to your bidding amount.


How is the purchase price calculated?

The purchase price consists out of:

  • your winning bidding amount
  • Romanian value added tax (VAT) of 9% (if applicable)

All amounts are expressed in LEI and in EUR.

The following is not included in the purchase price:

  • Other charges or fees
  • Other costs like banking costs
  • Transport costs of the pigeon

Payment terms

The invoice should be paid in full within 7 calendar days from the invoice date, irrespective of the transport date.

A pigeon will only be shipped / can only be picked up after Voiajorul.net has received your full payment on its bank account.

We prefer payments in euros to avoid losses due to foreign currency exchanges.

Exchange rate

The prices of the auctioned pigeons are given in LEI and EUR. The exchange rate of your foreign currency to LEI is subject to change. The actual exchange rate in accordance with the bank’s spot selling exchange rates prevails.

Calculate the current exchange rate to EUR of your preferred currencyaici: https://beta.bancatransilvania.ro/conturi-si-operatiuni/operatiuni/curs-valutar/curs-valutar-la-case-de-schimb

If you buy a pigeon through Voiajor.net, you will receive an invoice. Invoices are sent by email on the first Monday after the auction has ended.



You can pay your invoice using one of the following methods:


  • bank transfer to our bank account in Romania (note: bank transfer charges are at the expense of the buyer)

  • payment by credit card: Visa, MasterCard (note: additional credit card charges of 2.5% are at the expense of the buyer)


Is VAT included in my bidding amount?

No, VAT is not included. 9% VAT will be added to your invoice in the case you win the bid.

VAT is not applicable if you are a non-EU resident who ships the pigeon(s) to a delivery address outside of the EU with valid export documents.



How can I receive the pigeons I’ve bought?

After a pigeon has been paid, there are a few different methods to receive the pigeon.

The first is personal pick-up at Voiajor.net office.

For a limited nuymer of destinations you can choose a carrier who will deliver the pigeon to you. Select a destination country to display the available delivery methods and costs.


  • Voiajor.net is not a shipment company and can not help in any way organize the transport to third parties. Voiajor.net will not intermediate the shipment for other pigeons beside those sold on Voiajor.net. All transports are made by professional carriers.
  • The shipment costs published on the website can differ. Voiajor.net does not take responsibility for the changes in the shipment costs.
  • Voiajor.net can not be solicited to deliver a pigeon before full payment of the invoice.

After sales

What to do when a pigeon is infertile?

Voiajor.net maintains a strict selection procedure and avoids selling pigeons that are too old or that have had too few youngsters in the last few years. However, PIPA cannot guarantee 100% fertility once the pigeons are brought into a new environment. In this case, pigeons that seem to be infertile should be reported to PIPA Headquarters within two months after receipt of the pigeon (two months at the very latest).

What to do with sick pigeons?

If a pigeon is sick on arrival, this must be reported to Voiajor.net Headquarters within 24 hours after receiving the pigeon.

A pigeon in good condition shows:

  • Normal white wattles
  • Has sufficient muscles at the sternum
  • Has a pale pink throat without scraping
  • Shows shiny feathers
  • Provides a vital impression

What to do when my pigeon is dead on arrival?

If a pigeon is dead on arrival, photos should be taken and reported to PIPA Headquarters (through the sales agent) and the original ring, ownership card and pedigree should be sent back to the sales agent within 24 hours after receipt.

Is the sex of the pigeon(s) as mentioned on the website guaranteed?

All the old birds have the sex mentioned in the pedigree.

PFor the young birds we cannot guarantee the sex.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Young birds that are not sold by the fancier who bred the pigeon.
  • These pigeons are not sold with a DNA certificate by default. Old birds have obviously had their sexdetermined earlier on.

Where can I file my complaints?

Contact our HQ in Romania if you have any questions or complaints about your purchases.

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